Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State – 3 Things to Consider

As seen right off the bat in this highly played clip, Christopher Hitchens doesn’t like the thought of Hillary Clinton being selected for Secretary of State…

But, think of all the opportunity.  Hillary would be better suited for a Secretary of State position compared to landing a gig on the Supreme Court.  Also, who knows – maybe Bill could follow the path of John Quincy Adams and fill Hillary’s vacant Congressional seat?  Lastly, the acting Secretary of State probably wouldn’t challenge the acting President in 2012, right?

There have definitely been worse Secretaries of State – “Keep your friends closer and your enemies even closer.”

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State – 3 Things to Consider

  1. This is a smart move by Obama…if she’s dumb enough to take the Sec. of State position, she won’t be able to run in 4 years, and from Obama’s perspective, she won’t be majority leader in the senate.

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