VOTE: What Was mccain’s Biggest Campaign Failure?

From mccain’s concession speech…

And though we fell short, the failure is mine, not yours.”

No, I’m not talking trash and this isn’t meant to bring more division.  I simply think the feedback/results would be interesting.  Feel free to leave a comment if you’re thinking “Other.”

7 thoughts on “VOTE: What Was mccain’s Biggest Campaign Failure?

  1. His biggest mistake was not running as John McCain. By surrounding himself with people from the Bush/Cheney campaigns of 2000 and 2004 and actually listening to them he lost what it was that made him someone that people liked.

  2. McCain ran as a more ‘traditional’ candidate in a year where Americans were being plagued by high energy prices, inflation, and a weak economy. He claimed to be a moderate Maverick, thus alienating his base. Whether you agree with the conservatives or not, the number one rule is don’t alienate your base. He failed to relate to mom and pop sitting at the kitchen table worried about their financial situation.

    Palin helped to counter the moderate approach, and thus regained the conservative base, so anyone stating that she was the problem, they are just wrong. An independent or pro choice candidate would have resulted in an Obama landslide, so that was actually a pretty good pick for his party.

    Plain and simple, he was the wrong pick by the Republicans this year, and after having viewed the other choices we had, I don’t know that there was anyone that could have beat the dem’s, as this was a referrendum on the republican party, fueled by a liberal media and a an inspiring democratic candidate.

    McCain was the right candidate at the wrong time; he would have been more appropriate 4 years ago, but due to his age now, he is out of the game for good at the presidential level.

    Blaming Palin is the wrong thing to do…she helped keep him afloat; without her he would have been at least 15 points down consistently post convention.

    Ryan THE Conservative

  3. I see what you’re saying, but I think Obama had this wrapped up as soon as the stock market crashed and burned…without Palin, conservatives, and perhaps myself included in this particular sector, would have stayed home and not supported McCain. I didn’t like McCain, and I’ve said that repeatedly, but I supported him largely due to Palin.

    Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and O’Reilly would not have been so vocal for McCain without Palin, and would have resulted in the conservatives jumping ship prior to election day.

  4. in an economic crisis McCain from 2000 (fiscal conservative, against tax cuts for the rich) is a winner.

    in a country sick of evangelical politics playing a prominent role McCain from 2000 (moderate on “gonadal politics” -thanks Nader) is a winner.

    in a country torn by an unpopular war McCain from 2000 (critic of Bush’s handling of the war) is a push.

    what other areas do we think sunk McCain?

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