Nicolas Sarkozy is a Whiney Bitch – Banning a Voodoo Doll? Come On!

President Nicolas Sarkozy (France) has just made the “I’m a Whiney Bitch” list. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these dolls…

“The French are literally poking fun at President Nicolas Sarkozy, but he is not amused. On Wednesday, a court threw out a lawsuit that the president filed last week seeking to prevent a voodoo doll made in his image from remaining on sale. Mr. Sarkozy decided to appeal the decision, drawing ridicule from his critics on Thursday. It is his sixth lawsuit this year. The doll, which went on sale on Oct. 9, became a best-selling cult item as soon as the president tried to have it banned; it comes with 12 pins and a manual explaining how to put a curse on him.”

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