2 thoughts on “joe mccain Calls 911 Regarding Traffic Delay

  1. A few things:

    1) I thought at the end, Scott Thuman was going to say either, “We tried to reach Joe McCain, but apparently the man’s so busy that he’s even being fed through a tube because he has no time to even eat!”

    OR “We reached Joe McCain, and his comment was simply “F*ck you.” He then hung up on us.

    Disappointing that it was neither.

    2) Stupid move on his part to a) call 911 in the first place, obviously, but b) to do something so dumb with his brother running for the highest office in the country.

    3) I agree, one of the douchiest VM greetings ever – maybe in the entire history of VM greetings. Funny I haven’t heard much mention of his name during the campaign until now. Does he never call people back b/c he’s eternally busy with the “project”? And can we please refer to McCain’s campaign from now until Nov. 4th as “the project”? That would be super.

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