Rednecks for Obama –

Highlights from the above link…

Viessman is more succinct in analyzing why fellow rednecks may not be flocking to Obama’s campaign.

“Guns,” he said. “And that he’s black.”

“We are just trying to tell people that you don’t have to be afraid of Obama,” said Spencer, who has done everything from working as a laborer to selling real estate. “He’s not going to try to take away your guns, no matter what the NRA says.”

“Sometimes change is hard for people,” said Viessman, a retired highway patrol officer. “But I don’t care if you’re black or Oriental or green, if you can do the job. And he can do the job. He’s pretty near the smartest guy who’s ever run for president.”

Viessman’s neo-redneck take on that: “My dad used to say, ‘A poor man who votes for a Republican is a fool.'”

Anonymous, thank you.

Update: Here’s another link mentioning Rednecks for Obama.  I love these guys…

12 thoughts on “Rednecks for Obama –

  1. First the Olbermann post, now you’re quoting the San Francisco Chronicle…your usual liberal approach to your posts is taking a back seat to some sort of extreme leftist agenda here…

    Rednecks for Obama??? HA! That will be the day.

    Crouching Socialist, Hidden Agenda?


  2. Reporting sources in 2008 matter, otherwise you wouldn’t hate Fox News so much.

    I don’t doubt that the ‘group exists’, in that it has a website and that exists. I do question whether or not it is legit. I suppose I could form all kinds of ‘coalitions’ this afternoon from my pc…creating websites like: Elitists for McCain…wait, Amy I’m pretty sure has the Elitists for Obama; maybe Yuppies for McCain…anyone can access the internet and make a sign, is it legit though???…I do question that.

    I haven’t sparred with Amy in a while, that one was kind of a cheap shot, sorry Amy. 🙂

  3. *by the way, I’m not a puppet for the GOP; the GOP has left my conservative right wing views a long time ago; your newest recruit Powell was wrong to say that the GOP is narrowing; it is quite the opposite, they are trying to ‘make the tent bigger’, inviting in independents and democrats.

    The Conservative movement will make a comeback, and win or lose, Palin will be a solid leader in that movement.

  4. hahahahaha Palin will be a solid leader in the Conservative comeback…I know you don’t truly believe that.
    That’s funny.

  5. Yes, I totally have Elitists for Obama trademarked and own the domain – so don’t even try to steal it! 🙂

    I question your questioning of whether this group exists. We have extremists on both sides and people everywhere in between – must it be a setup and not actually a genuine movement? I know it’s in your best GOP interest to doubt it, but really – whether it’s legit doesn’t take away from the fact that these types of people do in fact exist – coalition-based or not – even though it may pain you to believe it.

    “The Conservative movement will make a comeback, and win or lose, Palin will be a solid leader in that movement.”

    I didn’t realize you were a morning drinker, Ryan…I learn something new every day!

  6. My friend Amy…you’re funny…

    Yes, I do question the validity of the ‘rednecks for Obama’. Nope, not a morning drinker YET…although lib’s make me want to.

    The conservative movement will make a comeback; it will have to in order to repair the damage done to the economy by the democrats and left leaning “republicans”.

  7. Ryan, nice to see you again! I was certain you’d gone into hiding until 2012.

    In six months, people will be asking, “Sarah who?”

  8. Nope, still here, I figured you missed me…Actually, there is much to do in reviving the Conservative movement; something I will be helping with and will be anticipating a Palin presidency.

    And you’re right, I’m sure that many Lib.’s/Socialists (same thing) will be suffering from stress induced amnesia when the Messiah loses. That’s okay, I’m certain that Barry can afford to provide health care, maybe he could organize it in each community, the only REAL experience he has anyhow.

    McCain/Palin ’08

  9. Ryan, if you really believe in a Palin presidency, I will pray for you…to come to your senses, that is. You would really want that woman running our country? I’m stunned. And maybe a little sad. If you’re going to back someone in the next election when you try to get the Republican Party back in the White House, at least pick someone with any semblance of a brain.


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