The “Joe the Plumber” Effect?

As seen originally on here, Joe doesn’t understand the issues that effect him.  He straight up doesn’t get it.

But, due to the media induced misconception that Joe would benefit from a senile mccain presidency, I assume the the national polls won’t reflect how much Obama kicked mccain’s ass last night.  In fact, mccain may shockingly get a bounce in Ohio.  It doesn’t matter – voter registration has ended, early voting has begun, and the economy isn’t getting any better between now and November 4th.

You know what’s going to suck major dck over the next few weeks?  Hearing palin say – about 500 times – “Joe the Plumber” in that annoying ass voice.

P.S.  Obama needs to immediately run an ad where 15+ plumbers named Joe say why they support the Obama/Biden ticket.  We can only hope.

Update 1: Per Politico – actually, per Ben Smith at Politico but he’s annoying – Joe the Plumber apparently isn’t registered to vote. I guess that’s why he isn’t saying publicly who he plans on voting for. Conor, thank you.

Update 2: Ben Smith is such a waste of space.  Unless Joe isn’t somehow registered to vote in the 2008 General Election though he voted republican in the primary earlier this year, he is registered to vote at his current address of 355 Shrewsbury St. Holland, OH 43528.

Joe’s Voting History: 2008 PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY

Update 3: Per, Joe the Plumber’s house is worth $122,500. Wouldn’t buying a business with such little equity possibly cause financial harm to Joe? Joe is exactly the person that the republicans have been blaming this recent financial turmoil on – average citizens overextending themselves with loans. Not a smart idea Joe.  Don’t buy the business!!!

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