Mel Kuhn (a Mayor in Kansas) Apologizes for Appearing in Blackface Drag,2933,432023,00.html

The following quotes from the article are straight out of something you would see from Michael Scott on The Office…

  • Kuhn appeared dressed as a character which he called “Smellishis Poon,” with his face painted dark for the event. But Kuhn told that he was not in blackface, but in “tanface,” and did not intend to offend anyone. “Blackface is shoepolish,” he said. “That’s not what I did. I dressed up to win and because it was so hilarious.” According to the NAACP, he also had suggestive back-up dancers for the talent portion of his performance, which he called the “Red Hot Puntangs.” “We danced to black music. The Weather Girls and Aretha Franklin,” Kuhn told
  • While he won the award that night for the “most creative talent,” several local residents found the performance to be insulting and racially offensive, the Arkansas City Traveler reported. Kuhn initially defended his actions, saying he originally meant to portray an “over-the-top woman,” and that he didn’t care what people thought.
  • Instead, he said, painting his face and portraying a black woman “was the best way to win.” “I had to make it as fun as possible,” he told “That was the best way I could think of to make as many people laugh as possible and raise money for this charity” Kuhn added that he was saddened that the event had been “blown so out of proportion,” by the local media and bloggers. “I am the mayor of a small town in Kansas,” Kuhn told “We are poor people, but we don’t have poor ways. To paint me as a racist is just not right.”

I personally think Rudy Giuliani looked better dressed in drag – but, you decide…

Burchie, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Mel Kuhn (a Mayor in Kansas) Apologizes for Appearing in Blackface Drag

  1. Anytime the NAACP is involved it makes me cringe…of course they would have to throw their 2 cents in…I wonder how long it will take Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to extort, I mean start picketing this guy.

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