22 thoughts on “sarah palin Practices for Her Thursday Debate with Joe Biden Next to a Creek – The True Meaning of Debate Camp

  1. You city folks aren’t real quick on the up-take…those are REALLLLLYYYYY nice deer blinds. I made my own presidential seal like Obama’s and put it on my podium/deer blind. The inside of it is insulated with Polar Bear furs.

    It looks like she’s an environmentalist, you guys should be all about that…not wasting our precious resources indoors like Biden.

  2. You can’t see it, but the feeders are right to the left, out of the camera’s shot. I think Hillary is behind this…I can blame anything on a Clinton.

  3. Ryan, I just spit out my coffee. Did you say environmentalist? ha.

    Maybe she’ll go all out and don a hunting cap for Thursday. Hopefully she doesn’t get mixed up and dab on caribou urine instead of perfume…

  4. Amy, I share your concern…I always keep my ‘caribou urine’ next to my cologne. As for the ‘hunting cap’, maybe she will wear it, that’s a great idea. Anybody who hunts and owns a cap must be a Gun Toting, God Loving Person…no room for that kind of nonsense in America, right?

    I’ve changed my mind for President, instead of supporting McCain, I’d like to see a Ted Nugent/Sarah Palin ticket…now there’s a team that will clean up Washington, although it might be open season on the environmentalists…

    It must be strange to be a Liberal Elitist, like yourself…let me guess, that was Starbuck’s coffee…

    Ryan THE Conservative

    Nugent/Palin ’08

  5. No, not at all, Ryan – I just think she looks great in a hunting cap.

    I grew up in a hunting family – so this “elitist” does have a bit of experience with deer – but not caribou, unfortunately – urine. Er…what?

    It was actually from a local coffee shop, but thanks for the judgment call! 😉

  6. Why not question that the moderator, Gwen Ifill, of the upcoming Biden-Palin debate is pro-Obama. She wrote a book that praises Obama, obviously she will try her best to make Palin look bad in the debate Why couldn’t the moderator be more fair and bi-partisan?

    Why not make fun of Joe Biden, who thinks FDR was President in 1929, and thinks paying more taxes is patriotic?

  7. Amy, you’re quite welcome on the judgment call, I do what I can…so many liberals, so little time to pass along judgments.

    I suppose your ‘hunting family’ exempts you from ever being an elitist, so please keep poking at Sarah Palin and making snide references to her being a hunter. I had a great-grandfather who was a Liberal, so it’s okay for me to rail on you guys from time to time…

    I do think you’re an elitist though. 😉

  8. Equality,

    a) nice name – original.

    b) practically everyone is pro-obama. you’d be hard pressed finding a moderator to facilitate this debate.

    c) Regarding your lame FDR assertion – check out this blog posting from awhile ago. https://bcclist.com/2008/09/24/joe-biden-fdr-gaffe-ben-smith-is-an-idiot/

    d) When I start making over $250,000, I won’t mind paying some additional taxes. It is – I’ll say it – patriotic.

  9. Come on, paying more taxes IS NOT patriotic…it’s punishing those who work hard to earn more. It is SOCIALISM and Un-American.

  10. Ryan – I suppose I can keep making references to Sarah Palin being a hunter as long as you keep making reference to me being an elitist (difference being – she actually hunts). 🙂 And maybe I wouldn’t reference it so much if pics of her with a bloody moose weren’t all over the news (thanks, Drudge).

    My point was simply that I have grown up around it – I’m assuming your view of “elitists” is that they know nothing about the world of hunting and those “Gun Toting, God Loving” people (your words, not mine)?

    Sarah Palin is more of an elitist than I am – I wish I could keep up with her. She reads every newspaper and magazine – “all of ’em!” ha. I love that she tried to turn Couric’s question around and start ranting about how Alaska gets news too. Um, no one was saying anything about Alaska not getting news, Palin. Just name one. news. source. Is it that hard?

  11. Katie Couric, the queen of hard hitting journalism, asked a really stupid question. Granted, Palin’s answer left a lot to be desired, but it was a stupid question nonetheless…in a world where our financial markets are in turmoil, Iran is developing a Nuke, we’re going further and further into debt, Katie feels the need to ask what magazines Palin reads…Katie Couric is a joke.

    Elitists sit atop their high horses and look down on the common man (woman). Hunting and gun ownership, along with religion are attacked daily in our liberal media, and those who have bought into the hatred of these things, I believe are out of touch and thus: elitists.

    I don’t scrapbook or mountain bike, I am not an athiest, but that doesn’t mean that I look down and belittle people for things that I don’t participate in.

    In my not-so-humble opinion Amy, your views, now this is only from my perspective, represent what is wrong with America…keep jabbing at Palin; your criticisms of Palin are as valid as Obama’s credentials…empty and flimsy at best.

    I’m sorry Amy, instead of labeling you as an elitist, maybe I will just say “You’re wiser and more enlightened than 95% of the rest of us; your wisdom knows no bounds, thank you for taking pot shots at the common man (woman) and reminding us that we’re below you”…???

    No, I still think you’re an elitist, sorry. 😦

  12. Thanks for your comments, Ryan. But wait, do you not think it’s valid at all, in any way, to know what Sarah Palin reads? Or any of the candidates? Am I elitist for being the least bit curious? I’m not the elitist who thought certain books were beneath me or should be restricted when serving on city council.

    And did I say that I hated hunters or looked down on them? No. But does that mean that I have to be pro-hunting, either? No, it doesn’t. And I’m only being half serious when referring to Palin and hunting gear – but really, you should go complain to Drudge for bringing it up.

    I think Palin has been asked plenty of relevant questions by reporters – she simply doesn’t know enough to answer them. You can’t tell me that none of Gibson’s questions were relevant, for example. But if you want to talk about scary, the fact that she names her foreign policy experience as “seeing Russia from Alaska” is pretty damn scary. You’re right, Ryan – we’re in too dire of a situation to have someone thisclose to becoming President who knows next to nothing about national or international policy.

    And as far as your comparison, I don’t think scrapbooking has ever killed anyone (well, I hope it hasn’t)!

  13. I like your enthusiasm Amy, no matter how mis-guided it is…

    We agree to disagree.

    P.S. My wife has one of those big ‘roll around’ scrapbook kits, seriously, it’s fun to praud her a bit about it, but with the kids, she enjoys it. The damn thing weighs a ton, and if I throw my back out moving it about, it might severely injure me…okay, maybe that was a stretch.

    If you ever want to go hunting, let the site moderator know, he knows how to reach me. I’ll even get you a hunting cap with your name on it.

    Ryan THE Conservative
    Ted Nugent for President ’12

  14. back at you, Ryan. And yes, I think we will need to agree to disagree.

    That scrapbook kit sounds dangerous.

    And thanks for the hunting trip offer – that is mighty tempting! Although I would be afraid of a Cheney “incident.”

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