3 thoughts on “fox Calls a Nearly Unanimous “Vote” for Obama a Split

  1. haha did you notice the elderly couple in the back? The man starts to raise his hand for McCain, and the woman stops him – then they both raise their hands for Obama. Kind of representative of the fact that delusional voters who don’t know realize what they’re doing will be the ones voting for McCain?

    I think FOX was set on saying it was a split for that news segment no matter what. Obama himself could have been in the room and they prob would have reported, “Who Obama will vote for is anyone’s guess in this battleground state!”

  2. ha yes, I don’t think he could hear what the reporter was saying. I didn’t mean to say the man was delusional – but was comparing the unaware aspect to those who will vote for McOldBalls. Glad she helped him out. I loved her enthusiasm!

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