CBS Evening News Video: mccain, palin, Couric, and “Gotcha Journalism” – Huh?

How the fck did mccain make it this far? Seriously. By the way you senile old bastard, Tony Luke’s in Philadelphia is a sandwich shop and not a pizza place! Regardless, the fun starts at the 1:00 mark. Grandpa, let your running mate explain herself…

Kudos to Couric for pointing out the following: “It wasn’t a gotcha (question) – she was talking to a voter.”

Side Note: After her recent brutal interviews, palin STILL has diarrhea of the mouth. It’s scary that she hasn’t yet learned the basics like how to speak to the media.

Below is the original clip of Palin mentioning – as seen originally on here – that she would support an attack in Pakistan if we had actionable intelligence of a high value taliban/al qaeda located within their borders . Is mccain no longer interested in killing/capturing bin laden? The fun begins at the 18 second mark. It’s worth noting, the campaign invited the media to follow her during the photo op at Tony Luke’s…

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