A Bailout of mccain’s Campaign

I refreshed my browser that was pointed at Bloomberg.com to make sure I wasn’t seeing things before visiting a handful of other sites to confirm that senile mccain seriously suspended his campaign. Is he kidding?

No matter what “crisis” occurs, neither candidate should suspend their campaign during this democratic process of selecting a president. This is a presidential general election – not a sporting event. What is the mccain camp thinking?

8 thoughts on “A Bailout of mccain’s Campaign

  1. He is doing everything he can to avoid Palin having to make any public statements.
    Palin’s answer to the the economic crisis centers around using every ounce of the moose they kill for food, shelter…and burning fat for energy.

  2. So, you’re ALL about the economy, and repeating “we don’t want another 8 years like the last!”…so, when the crisis of all crisis comes along, and McCain takes it seriously, all of a sudden he is rediculous???!!?!

    Pick a position, either the economy is #1 or its’ not. Which is it? I’m willing to bet in a week or so, we’ll see another chart or youtube extrodinare video highlighting how McCain isn’t paying attention to the financial status of America…

    The Lib’s (namely Obama’s devout followers) are accustomed to smoke and mirrors when an issue doesn’t seem to fit their agenda for the day, but this time you’re caught.

    Which is it? Is the economy #1 or not? If it is, then shouldn’t 2 U.S. Senators help to find a real, “in the now” solution, as opposed to ‘debating’ on someday and ‘what they would do’?

    Personally, I’m sick of the rhetoric; I applaud that Mccain wants to focus on the task at hand: the financial worries.

  3. This move is for all the stupid people. They will think he is dedicated and wanting to help our economy. What they don’t realize is…His aides read the bill and then give him the info. It isn’t like he is going back to provide any expertise. Why doesn’t McCain go back, vote, then participate in the debates. Oh, that’s right because he will look like a real idiot during the debate.

  4. Ryan, to your point: aren’t you being a bit hypocritical?

    After all, McCain personally called David Letterman to tell him he was going to “immediately leave for DC” to save the country, yet was caught on live tape doing an interview with Couric that very night. Is that what he means by “focusing on the economy”? If so, wow – show me more!

    Also, can the man not multi-task and debate (aka talking to the people of this country when it’s most important) while also focusing on the economy? Debates aren’t for what Obama or McCain will do “someday” – the election is in roughly five weeks. It’s more important than ever now for people to know about the issues and about what their soon-to-be-leaders will do as president.

  5. http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-welch26-2008sep26,0,6786016.story

    not the first time McCain pulled this crap move…

    But McCain first used the tactic to spectacular effect way back in March 1999, when — even though his White House run had been chugging along for five months — he postponed the “official announcement” of his candidacy so that the nation could focus as one on the week-old war in Kosovo. “It’s not appropriate at this time,” the somber senator said then, “to launch a political campaign.”

    How did that play out? As McCain’s sympathetic first biographer, Robert Timberg, wrote, “His decision amounted to a masterful political stroke.”

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