Is mccain’s Chief of Staff Gay? mark buse Reportedly Outed

Hear me out…

I’m down with mark buse – mccain’s chief of staff – reportedly being gay.  This said, feel free to hold off on the “you’re homophobic/a hypocrite/etc.” comment.

I only post the blog entry because it will be interesting to see how mccain’s religious right reacts.  I assume not so well.  Will mark buse be out of a job with this revelation being made public?  If so, is that discrimination?  Ouch – stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Jason, thank you.

6 thoughts on “Is mccain’s Chief of Staff Gay? mark buse Reportedly Outed

  1. I don’t really mind the gays…at least they can’t reproduce like the Muslims can…scary.

    Thought I would give you a right wing answer to your leftist post…

    BTW: I’m usually too busy clinging to my gun to thump my bible, but at times I do cling to it too! I can’t believe Barry figured it out and let the rest of the world know!

    He’s a sneaky one…

  2. Adam + Steve = no way to make a baby, gays can’t make kids…that’s a no go…they can buy, adopt, or perhaps genetically engineer them, but they can’t make them.

    You can put lipstick on a gay…wait, I think the lipstick joke has been used too much lately, and besides, he’s probably already wearing it.

    Ryan THE Conservative

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