Lisa Madigan at Obama’s New Volunteer Headquarters

I spent the better half of today making calls at Obama’s new Illinois volunteer headquarters in Chicago. Lisa Madigan made the rounds seemingly 300 times. What a spark plug! Very petite, full of energy, and chatting with everyone – she’s an interesting person to sit back and watch.

Go volunteer today!  The new Illinois volunteering headquarters address is…

566 W. Lake St.
Lower Level
Chicago, IL 60661


P.S. Don’t hand your iPhone to someone that hasn’t taken a picture with one yet. Without being said, we have funny looks on our face as we both (she’s technologically hip!) were trying to explain the camera’s functionality.

P.S.S. Back to the gym – wowser! In the interim, I will blame the crap look on being hung over, standing next to someone weighing about 90 pounds soaking wet, and the upward angle of the short photographer. Ha!

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