sarah palin’s Yahoo Email Account Hacked!

J fcking C – possible government communications over yahoo.  palin, are you serious?

As you will notice, a majority of her contacts use yahoo mail.  Who uses yahoo email anymore?  I guess people in Alaska are stuck in the 90s.

If the link above is timed out due to traffic – as it was for me several times – a screenshot of wikileaks entry can be seen here.

I wonder what dirt they’ll eventually uncover though I assume she’s not THAT stupid, right?  October surprise anyone?

P.S.  Mom, if the image looks small after accessing the “here” link above, left click on it once.

Update: BREAKING as of 9/17 at 4:00 pm CDT If you want to give bristol palin a call, here’s her cellphone number – (907) 982-9061.  Well, that’s her number for the time being.  Confused?  Check out the inbox for the picture message with the subject of “LOOK AT TRIG!!!!!”

12 thoughts on “sarah palin’s Yahoo Email Account Hacked!

  1. I have a yahoo email. Does that make me “stuck in the 90s” as well? Or is it that Hotmail is just so much more efficient and hip?

  2. Seriously…you’re picking this week to pick a fight with me??? Kidding, but for real, get over it. Who cares who her email provider is…besides you.

  3. I hope the unpublished emails include those survey-type fowards. That way we can continue to “publicly vett” her since you’re so convinced they didn’t do it before. I’ve been dying to know if she prefers bacon bits or crutons

  4. You Lib’s are frightened of the Palin factor in this race…this has to be one of the dumbest ‘revelations’ to ever come out of a presidential race…she has a YAHOO email account…oh, the horror! It’s got to be a right wing conspiracy, I mean all the Conservatives must be on yahoo…that’s where they are, they must just hang out there all day, yep, you guys have figured out the big secret.

    As a conservative, I enjoy logging into my yahoo account to keep track of my mutual funds and plot my capitalistic endeavors…I can’t believe you guys figured it out!

    So, does that mean that gmail is where you leftists hang out and ‘hate’ on America, discuss wealth re-distribution, and bitch about how Obama picked the wrong running mate…oh, sorry, I’m probably not supposed to bring up your buyer’s remorse.

    Keep up the good work Ms. Doan, Liberals get confused easily.

  5. I’m not shocked she uses a Yahoo email account. As mentioned in the posting, I am shocked that she would use it for government business. That doesn’t seem like somebody is qualified or sound enough to become president of the united states within those first 4 years.

    And, as continually mentioned, no liberal has buyer’s remorse. The election is over…

  6. Touche on throwing #101 at me. I’m not offended, just amused at what you and the rest of the media continue to “dig up” about her. For the record, I hate my work email account and use it as little as possible. Yahoo is just so much cooler 😉 Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!

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