fred thompson: john mccain Dated a Girl Named Marie the Flame of Florida Who Worked in a Bar as an “Exotic Dancer.” WTF?!?

fred, there’s something the kids are calling TMI.  It stands for TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

I love how the camera cut from thompson after he made this strange comment and panned directly to mccain’s confused (and unhappy I assume) looking mother.  Did fred realize the rnc was not rated TV MA?  I can hear it all over the country in the 50-100 living rooms that for some reason had this boring ass convention on the TV – “Momma, what’s an exotic dancer?”

Like the laura bush posting from earlier tonight, I am not making this up and will definitely try to find a video of thompson’s awkward comment tomorrow.

The full quote verbatim from tonight’s rnc:

“In flight school in Pensacola he (mccain) did drive a corvette and date a girl who worked in a bar as an “exotic dancer” under the name of Marie – the flame of Florida.”

Yes, he put bunny ears up when he said exotic dancer.

Update 1: While I’ve never heard of mccain’s stripper whore girlfriend – what would jesus do? – here’s a NY Times article from 2000 where mccain states “‘She was pretty volatile. Har, har, har!”

Update 2: Video…

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