Blood Cow is the New Blood Diamond

Leo Dicaprio – it’s time for a sequel…

“For years, African militias have used proceeds from precious natural resources to fund conflicts – a practice dramatized in the 2006 Hollywood film “Blood Diamond.” Now, there’s a new twist: blood cows.

Warring rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo are stealing and selling livestock to finance a conflict sparked by spillover from the 1994 Rwandan genocide, in which 800,000 were killed.

“It’s just like the mining resources,” says Alpha Sow, head of the local office of the United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUC). “Part of this money goes to buy munitions.”

Gervais Ruhubika and his partners, who have a small farm in army-controlled territory outside Goma, saw their herd dwindle from 200 to 120. To make matters worse, Congolese soldiers also claimed a stake in the cows.

“Every morning,” he says, “they came and demanded almost all the milk.”

RealClearWorld, thank you.

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