Water Polo = Lame

While this posting is like 12 hours overdue, there is nothing more lame than the “sport” of Water Polo. Seriously.


There’s no transition offense. Zero.

The key to winning is to hope the other team can’t hit the net. While defense in real sports is important, you literately just hope the other team makes a mistake when throwing the ball.

There is an offensive penalty every other “play.”

The headgear – as seen below – is ridiculous. Moreover, the shift changes are equally as stupid. It’s hard to explain why guys jumping in a pool is so annoying – maybe it’s the headgear.

The announcers – grown men – say things like “he attempted a bunny ear shot.”

The only requirement is that the player must be strong and able to tread water. That’s it.

Everybody good played for Stanford.

If you were unfortunate enough to catch the US Men’s team vs. China, feel free to comment with anything I may have missed.

3 thoughts on “Water Polo = Lame

  1. On Saturday, I watched a bit of a game called ‘water polo minus the water’. No that’s not the name, I have no idea what the name is but it best can be described as just that…females too, running around trying to throw a ball in an opposing net…geesh.

  2. The only ‘handball’ i know is one with a blue racquetball, a solid wall on a school playground and some ‘tag’ marks on your ass from either getting in the way of the lovely sounding blue ball or because eventually it comes down to throwing the ball at your buddy for payback on a loss.

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