Congrats to the Edwards’ Family Regarding New Addition to the Fam!

If there’s anything to take away from Edwards finally admitting that he’s been lying for years while his wife has been battling cancer, it’s that the dems (Clinton, Spitzer, Edwards) are cheating on their wives by banging ladies unlike these top 5 GOP sex scandals

Regardless, great work John.  Elizabeth, I know it’s probably been awhile – but, check the aisles since the rubbers are no longer stored behind the Pharmacy counter.  Better yet – go with the bulk purchase as I’m pretty sure you’re going to need them since nobody can accurately predict what’s swinging from your creepy husband’s dick.

4 thoughts on “Congrats to the Edwards’ Family Regarding New Addition to the Fam!

  1. You’re the type of person that celebrates when something bad happens to people, huh? I guess that’s fine.

    PS…very classy of you to call me to “gloat” about this. After all, there is no way that this could happen to any political figure that you have support.

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