The L’s Got Talent

Last night, on the way home from Lollapalooza, the trip got entertaining enough that I almost didn’t get off at my stop.  For real.

About 45 minutes into the 1 hour commute, the below dude started spitting some verses – his own while tying in some 90’s east coast rap.  His boom box was a Treo.  Yes, a Treo cellphone.  Regardless, by the time I got off the train, he was receiving standing ovations from nearly everyone after each rhyme.  That’s saying a lot seeing that most people on the L prefer to ignore everything.  There were a few shouts of “Damn – Kanye needs to open for you!” Et cetera.

No joke – really good…I wish I would have gotten his emcee name. But, I assume he’ll be “found” soon enough…

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