Radiohead Set List from Lollapalooza

[SET LIST at bottom of the posting in the “Update” section]

Please comment if you’ve found Radiohead’s set list from last night’s Lollapalooza show.

I’m pretty sure they opened with 15 Step and closed with a non “In Rainbows” song.  Or, I’m at least pretty sure they didn’t close with 15 Step (as mentioned in the Tribune link below) because I clearly remember them playing it earlier in the night.

“8 p.m.: Radiohead arrives. Hutchinson Field is shoulder-to-shoulder with fans. The scene is in sharp contrast to the U.K. quintet’s performance on the same site exactly seven years ago. In 2001, tickets were capped at 25,000. This time there are three times as many fans in attendance.The vibe in 2001 was idyllic, the concert one of the best rock shows Chicago has ever witnessed, and it will be tough for any band — even Radiohead — to bottle lightning twice. This time, the size of the crowd creates more of a festive, big-event atmosphere. Music takes a back seat to spectacle. Fortunately,  Radiohead are old pros from the European festival circuit, and they deliver the goods. The set list is stellar, and they bring the requisite special effects: A forest of cylindrical lights provides a spectacular complement to the music, creating the illusion of purple icicles, emerald-green rainfall and a cathedral of flickering candles. (GK)

8:37 p.m.: “The National Anthem” was a signature moment during the band’s 2001 show, and it is once again today, with Colin Greenwood’s fuzz bass taking no prisoners while Thom Yorke cries in a sea of electronic distortion. (GK)

9:05 p.m.: Fireworks in the southern sky distract part of the audience, but the booming spectacle in the sky unexpectedly synchronizes with the climactic verse in  “Fake Plastic Trees.” Oooh, ahhhh, and applause. The audience isn’t quite as reverent or rapt as the one that attended the 2001 show (that’s what a day full of oppressive heat and copious drinking will get you), but this is one of those crowd-pleasing moments that defines a vast, overpopulated outdoor event. (GK)

9:41 p.m.: “House of Cards,” part of a lengthy encore, is absolutely lovely. It may be the warmest song the band has ever written, with its hint of bossa nova and Yorke’s unusually direct lyric. “I don’t want to be your friend/I just want to be your lover.” The confiding tone and gently swaying vibe suit a sultry summer evening. (GK)

10 p.m.: Yorke’s burst of spastic dancing to “15 Step” brings the long day to a close. Here’s hoping Radiohead comes back soon — this time at Millennium Park. (GK)”

I’m scouring the internet…help a bro out if you stumble upon a set list.

Update 1: Greg Kot slipped up above in his timeline as seen on here….

Update 2: Click HERE for the Radiohead setlist – or, set list if you will – from Lollapalooza August 1, 2008.  Variety, thank you!

P.S.  I thought 2+2=5 was played a little earlier but I’m probably most certainly wrong since it was a long night.

Update 3: Some pretty good YouTube clips from the show.  Please feel free to post more via comments since I don’t have time to search!  It’s reported that the fireworks had nothing to do with Lollapalooza or Radiohead.  Rather, there was some weird family night going on at Soldier Field.  I just remember wondering – while laying down away from the masses – why are there helicopters everywhere, fireworks, and a ton of walk talkies going off?  errrrr.

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