iPhone 3G Review Posted Via an iPhone 3G – Booyah

So, given time constraints and the fact that the positives of the iPhone 3G are too numerous to list, this abbreviated review will focus on the few “negatives” I’ve stumbled upon.

1) As everyone has complained since the original iPhone release last year, there’s no copy and paste feature on the new iPhone 3G. This is easily the most baffling “issue.” Copy and paste is a much needed feature that virtually every other touch screen cell phone offers.  Apple, wtf?

2) You can’t watch videos and surf the internet. Why? This doesn’t make sense. The fix is to download the audio version of the video podcast since you can listen to audio (music, podcasts, etc) and be on internet at the same time.  This isn’t a huge issue unless you have a.d.h.d. and want to switch been a video and the internet.

3) The touchscreen keyboard doesn’t go to landscape mode – more space between keys – when sending a text message or work email.  Any website via Safari – gmail, wordpress, hotmail, etc. – allows for a landscape keyboard so that’s good. Fortunately, you somehow get used to the small a$$ normal keyboard when sending a text message or work email.

That’s it. The battery life and being able to send/receive picture text messages are non issues though people on the internets love to complain about these – and other random/insignificant – “shortcomings.”

Note: I’m not a mac guy.  I’m sure I’m not using the phone as thoroughly as I could.  But, everything this phone offers such as 3G speed, the internet shown as it’s supposed to be shown, the ability to not have to carry around an iPod and a cell phone, turn by turn GPS, the Apple applications like Pandora, etc. makes the iPhone 3G the best invention ever.  Seriously, go out and buy the coolest technology since the advent of the modern day internet, huge boxed cell phone, iPod, and Garmin GPS – combined.

2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G Review Posted Via an iPhone 3G – Booyah

  1. Ummm, I was with Chris when he was posting this, and the title is a partial lie. He started posting via his iPhone, but it was to much of a pain so he finished his post on a computer. Is that another negative? You be the judge.

  2. Yes, “Randy” is right. I had to finalize the posting on a hotel PC given the time constraints. Also, it’s tough to confirm spelling, grammar, and layout are all good on a small screen. And, I had to copy and paste something. Thanks, Scrandy.

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