mccain – Please Dear God Pick romney!

Seeing that mccain will likely be dead (clarification: from natural causes) within the next 4 years, I’m pretty confident Americans won’t be turning out to vote for a “mccain-romney” ticket knowing romney will be president within the relatively near future.

No, it’s not a real SNL parody ad but should have been…

8 thoughts on “mccain – Please Dear God Pick romney!

  1. You should be excited about this potential pick…he’s the only candidate that has run in the 2008 race that could possibly put together a plan for decreasing the national debt, balance the budget, etc…however, one could say he has CONSERVATIVE leanings, which will scare the left back…it’s fun to watch the liberals squirm nonetheless. 🙂

  2. I’m not excited about anything grandpa does or says. Seeing that romney couldn’t beat the underfunded bag of bones in the GOP primary, I don’t think he adds much to a ticket.

    As for romney having some sort of “economic plan,” decreasing the national debt and republicans historically don’t go hand and hand.

    Lastly, is romney pro life or pro choice? I keep forgetting his stances on major issues. I do know he has some pretty slick hair, really (inadvertently) funny campaign ads, and the mannerisms of a robot so that’s a good thing, right?

  3. For McCain to tap Romney instead of Sarah Palin as his Veep woud be a gigantic blunder. Unf_ _ king believable!!! Team McCain CAN’T BE THAT STUPID!!!

  4. I think the mccain camp dropped – and will continue to drop – romney’s name to get his creepy fundraisers excited and possibly donating. but, in the end, the gop will find a “no namer” (like tom ridge) that hits a geographic demographic. phic.

  5. mccain doesn’t really need to carry Alaska or Idaho. Palin brings nothing to the table other than youth. Sex doesn’t matter in this race…the women’s support/vote will (eventually) “all” go to Obama outside of the elderly and racist.

    mccain needs to start looking at a map because he’s getting killed in the polls in major swing/purple/toss up states. ridge helps in PA and (subsequently) OH. Plus, he drives home the expensive ideology that we REALLY need to protect our country from all those terrorists. bla, bla, bla.

  6. Palin’s voter appeal obviously transcends geography (as does McCain’s, Obama’s, Hillary’s etc.)

    With all due respect, you aren’t really serious (Ridge, boarrrrring, zzzzzzzzz — would likely lose the election for McCain).

  7. Palin only has youth and looks. This won’t do any good…she won’t be stealing much from the women’s base.

    Again, the mccain camp needs to pull out a map and look at the current polling trends in the swing/purple/toss up states. If not ridge, than some other republican from OH or PA. ridge seemed like the natural choice assuming the gop will try to strike fear into the voters mind’s again in 2008.

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