Italian Observations – Part 3

1) The Amalfi Coast drive isn’t as intense as it’s rumored to be.  But, there are a ton of hairpin turns, the roads are narrow enough for only two cars and passing mopeds, and the sights are amazing.

2) I don’t want to leave Positano. Ever.

3) Make sure you pack CDs if you plan a trip abroad.  We overpaid for some crap.  More on that when I have decent enough time.  Sort of funny.

4) This goes back to Tuscany, but, Gregorian chants are as lame as you could imagine.  And, the monks constantly have a neutral or frowned look.  Life isn’t that horrible dude…you do nothing but sing and pray all day.

5) There’s a ton more but my time is nearly expired and I’ve had too much “Vino.”


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