Italian Observations – Part 1

Excluding 1 and 2, the following are based solely on a subset of “data” gathered after 4 days…

1) The internet is a way better time than Galleria degli Uffizi (purposely no link) could EVER hope to be. What a horrible tourist trap yet somehow it’s a “must see”attraction. Give me The Art Institute of Chicago ANY day of the week.

2) As noted pre-airport, Air Alitalia (purposely no link) is worthless. My chair was broken the entire flight, the Italian stewardess rolled her eyes when I asked for a different seat 5 hours into the flight since I got annoyed at slouching so that the person behind me didn’t have my chair resting on his crotch, I was elbowed on the head purposely after I asked for some soda, etc. But, the plane landed. Grazie.

3) Not that I’m looking – wife – but Italian women are gross. Everyone of them. Occasionally you think that’s a horrible stereotype but then the tourist starts speaking in fluent northern European or English accents.

4) There are 2 types of Italians – obnoxiously rude or overly friendly. There is no in between. Thankfully, we’re meeting an equal amount of each type.

5) As my sister noted while leaving here, Italian drivers are fcking crazy. The only thing Italians do fast is drive. EVERYTHING else is brutally slow.

6) On that note, Italian drivers may be fcking crazy but they know what they’re doing. Americans are the ones with the problem. These people are great drivers whether it be a car, bus, taxi, moped, or bicycle. They always (correctly) anticipate and accommodate for the next move.

7) As Rick Steves says, the next meal will be your best meal. It’s true. The food here is the best I’ve ever had. We took a cooking class – homemade pasta for everyone on our return.

8 ) If planning a trip to Italy, use a travel consultant. Leslie Erickson is great.  She saved us the cost to use her services – $250 – afre the very first thing she booked for us.  Outside of the touristy things everyone “must see,” everything recommended has been unbelievable and her coordinated planning alone has saved us at least $1000. No joke.

9) Don’t let your internet time run out before proofreading a blog entry. Ciao…

8 thoughts on “Italian Observations – Part 1

  1. Chicago misses you! I can’t wait for the complete collection of Italy details and for some homemade pasta. Yum!

    I hope you’re drinking a fat glass of wine and taking in the view.

    Love you both,

  2. Mein Gott ein dumbkoff flys Dago Airlines!!!! Lufthansa baby all the way, German frauleins make the dago look like pigs 7 ways to Sunday and the accomadations and equipment all works or the technicians get sent off to the closest “retraining camp.” Next time don’t pick a third world country like France/Italy/Belguim, stick to the Nordic countries my BO BO loving nephew.

  3. Aaahh, good old Air Alitalia, no better than EasyJet, or Meridiana of course. I literally laughed at your acct. on the plane. I could just see the stewardess talking about you with her buddies at the back of the plane – stupido americano. Our situation was a little different, we were constantly “being elbowed in the head” by our landlord, the crazy neighbor upstairs, the store keeper that resented our military presence, etc. so it was hard to really appreciate the beauty around us. Until right before we left, maybe cause we finally put on our “helmets” and don’t notice the “bows” so much. Must say we were happy to get on those broke down planes to escape to the mainland – France, Germany, Poland, etc! Although the cheering by the passengers when we had a safe landing was a little scarey….

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