Tim Russert Dies – RIP

I respectfully loved the dude’s enthusiasm and questioning abilities. At least he got the opportunity to see Barack become president so that’s good.


Who replaces him on meet the press? Chuck Todd is neutral enough…Olbermann and Matthews are not. Todd could be too new of a face on the political television scene though.

4 thoughts on “Tim Russert Dies – RIP

  1. Brokaw is a close friend of Russert’s and a good choice to lead Meet The Press thru the 2008 election. He has the experience and the scheduling works in his favor. And I also think he understood Russert’s message to the viewers.

    Tim Russert was a well respected guy in D.C. and was always present at sporting events. Even folks not involved in politics liked him.

  2. I don’t mind Gregory but I think his lack of toughness will turn a lot of GOP Meet the Press watchers off. He’s sort of got a whiny voice. I truly think this position was meant for Todd in like 5-10 years when he’s better known. Damn. But, we’ll see – maybe NBC will select a relatively no namer like Todd.

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