A Meaningless Bobby Hurley Update

While enjoying a crazy come from behind win during the NBA Finals game last night and trying to name the college that seemingly every NBA player went to, the 1993 NBA Draft somehow game up when we got stuck on Lindsey Hunter. The 7th pick of that draft was one, Bobby Hurley.

We reminisced about how squirrelly he was at Duke and how it was amazing that it was Mike Peplowski of all people that literally helped save his life.

Side note: a cousin of my childhood best friend that went to MSU at the same time as Peplowski – confused? – said people used to pay Peplowski money to spit beer into their mouth’s at MSU bars. Weird. Citation needed.

Anyway, you may wonder (as we did), whatever happened to Bobby Hurley post accident? The following:

  • Returned to the basketball court on October 14, 1994 for a preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers. He went on to play 68 games for the Kings after returning from injuries.
  • Appeared in the 1994 feature film Blue Chips, where he played for the Indiana Team under Bobby Knight.
  • Traded from the Sacramento Kings to the Vancouver Grizzlies in 1998.
  • Retired from the NBA in 1999.
  • Named one of his daughters Cameron after Duke University’s famed Cameron Stadium.
  • Plunged into horse racing after he was introduced to it by a friend in Jersey City. He pored over books, studied bloodlines and became an obsessive watcher of videotapes.
  • Named his stable Devil Eleven after his college days.

Moreover, he decided to file a lawsuit or two. Good work, Bobby!

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