Citysearch Click Fraud Lawsuit – “Click Fraud” Chasers?

Per the link above, coming from a VERY close and reliable source (cough, cough) that worked at Citysearch, the sales reps quota’s were set by the amount of monthly billing their new client’s agreed to. So, if a monthly quota was $3,000, the sales rep was looking to close 10 new clients at $300 a month advertising budget.

It wasn’t guaranteed the client was going to be charged $300 (the above example), but, they agreed to be billed up to that amount based on the number of their clicks. Each click cost a certain amount based on the category. Once the $300 monthly advertising budget was hit, the advertisement didn’t receive as much exposure throughout Citysearch, other search engines, syndication sites, etc. More on this later. Hence, the higher your budget as a client, the more exposure you should get on the “internets.”

While the client was only charged if someone clicked on their ad, there were various different networks the client’s ad could be put on. Furthermore, as mentioned above, sales reps quota’s were set on how much new business monthly billing they closed. However, the rep was only paid a percentage of whatever amount of that was actually billed to the client.

So, if the client agreed to be billed $1,500 a month but only got $456 worth of clicks delivered, the sales rep’s monthly quota ($3,000) was closer to being hit but the sales rep was only paid a percentage of the $456 worth of billable clicks. Makes sense…

The very moment the client starts advertising with Citysearch, their advertisement is first displayed solely on Citysearch. Over the next few weeks, it’s broadcasted on related Google/Yahoo/MSN/ as SEM banner ads. Lastly, the SEM advertising could be broadcast out to other pertinent Citysearch syndication sites like

Example: Someone searches “sushi” on Citysearch, Google, or If the sushi restaurant’s Citysearch ad is brand new, the restaurant will show up as a featured/paid sponsor only on Citysearch. Over the next few weeks, if someone searches “sushi” on any of the aforementioned type of partner sites, the ad will be fully live and that sushi restaurant client should see some increased traffic.

I’m normally down with lawyers, but, the lawsuit by Kabateck Brown Kellner is a fcking joke. The new ambulance chaser is a click fraud chaser. It’s worth noting, the “click fraud” link was the first published article I read regarding click fraud – BusinessWeek 2006…they’re always ahead of the times. Anyways, with the above sales rep quota and ad posting process explanation, Citysearch should have no issue handling this mockery of a class action lawsuit.

But, Kabateck Brown Kellner has already gone after – and somehow won – class action lawsuits against Google, Yahoo, and Google Ad Words (pending). I wonder who’s next, Yelp? Seems infinite, eh?

KBK – Die.

5 thoughts on “Citysearch Click Fraud Lawsuit – “Click Fraud” Chasers?

  1. Here is an example of how Yelp operates. Paid Yelpers communicate on a Yelp Topic Site (

    Below, 3 Yelpers who have never been in a certain establishment (Razzberry Lips) plot revenge because of the bad press brought to Yelp by this establishment.

    The worst part is that these are either Paid Yelpers or your common everyday non paid Yelper who “hang out “ in the Yelp “ether”. They hide behind Fairy Tale names and identities. They premeditate, coordinate and target rage and vitriol on businesses they have never even patronized!:

    Linda “JuRae” L. says:
    Oh yeah, I totally want ROTD now! aargh!

    4 hours ago Jack “.” W. says:
    wtf thats some fuct up shit yo fck rasberry lips imma give them a 1 star

    08/11/2008 Sun E. says:

    Glad you posted this here, Linda.

    As per your words…

    “For this business owner to go on the news and cry about this
    forum because she didn’t like the negative post….You have my vote for ROTD!

    If you’re wondering what ROTD means , I found these definitions on the web:
    ROTD Rage of the Dragons (game)
    ROTD Requiem of the Dead (game)
    ROTD Return of the Dragons (gaming, Warcraft III Campaign)
    ROTD Review of the Day



  2. Whether a client or not, I’m pretty confident Yelp doesn’t remove any review unless it violates their terms – e.g. swearing, offensive language, threats, etc.

    It’s a shame Yelp (and other online review sites) can’t verify that a person reviewing a restaurant/bar has actually visited the establishment. There are a few ways that I can think of which would allow for this…Yelp, give me a shout!

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