Not the Future vs. the Future – Energy/Wind Power

Not the Future (link):

Not the Future

The Future or Some Equivalent (link):

The Future

The residential turbine (mind you, propeller free) can currently produce only 25% of a household’s monthly energy needs. Bla, bla, bla.

See above “or some equivalent” comment within the link. Such equivalent as the soon to be outdated 42 foot residential propeller turbines requiring local zoning allowances, utility interconnection agreement, etc. but powering your entire house while allowing you to sell excess power back to the utility company. Technology, desire, and demand invent/create/improve a lot of things rapidly.

Regardless, I look forward to being part of this residential wind power energy future which includes T. Boone Pickens’ (oil tycoon hedging via wind power that “he” can charge people monthly) and GE’s commercial wind turbine graveyard. More ideally soon!

Uncle Bill, thank you for the inspiration.

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